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Micro Loans

Micro Loans:

Loving Haiti is currently focusing on meeting the basic needs of those in Pignon. Once basic needs have been met and we move to the stages of rehabilitation and development we will begin introducing micro loans.

We would like to provide micro loans  at no interest charged to the kids at the orphanage and to the people in the city of Pignon.  These loans could be used for farmers, sewing center graduates, brick makers, mechanics,  etc.  The goal is to provide the local Haitians with the initial capital investment to begin a business or pursue a career that will help sustain their community and their families.

Example: After the students graduate from Madam’s sewing school they are having a hard time finding any employment or making any money because they don’t have a sewing machine! We proposed the idea of buying a sewing machine($250) as a graduation present for each student that graduates her school. The students were elated at the idea and agreed with us that they would start paying back the loan once they were able to generate income!

The list goes on for example after example after example for ways micro loans could change the lives and futures of these kids and of the community in Pignon!




Proposed garden site:








(Many of the boys at the orphanage said the want to be farmers when they grow up! This is a (small)plot of land ready to be cultivated on the compound’s property.)









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