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30 Jul

Gramma Lynn!

Gramma Lynn(Denny’s mom) just landed in Pignon today! She will be lovin’ on those kids for almost 3 weeks. We are SO happy she is there and look forward to reading and posting any updates she sends our way. Please ...

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12 Jul

Well Project!

                                          First off, we want to thank everyone who attended the Loving Haiti fundraiser last night in Corvallis. It was ...

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03 Jul

Child Sponsorship and Well Project Fundraiser!

Loving Haiti will be hosting a Child Sponsorship and Well Project fundraiser on Wednesday July 11th from 5:00-7:00pm at the LBCC Benton Center in Corvallis, OR.  This is a FREE event with an opportunity for donations  This will be a ...

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23 Jun

Fence Update!

                        Thank you to everyone who donated to help complete the upper section of the fence!  We were able to raise all of the funds and they were supposed ...

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20 Jun


                          First of all, thank you all for the nice comments and e-mails!  We genuinely appreciate hearing from you. The fence update and future well project post should ...

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15 Jun

Swimming/Feeding Clinic/Sunday School/Fun!

                            Sorry for the lack of updates, the internet has been especially slow!  We are SO grateful for all those who gave to help make the fence ...

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10 Jun

Let’s Finish the Fence!

                          Okay readers! The section of the fence we started back when Mark was here is ALMOST done. There is one small connecting part directly behind the kids ...

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09 Jun

Day 5, 6, 7-Art/Feeding Clinic/Driving Lessons

                        “Bonswa!” from Haiti! Sorry it’s taken so long to write up another post. The internet is pretty slow and we are busy spending our days playing with kids, ...

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05 Jun

Haiti Day 2-4

                        Hey all!  Thank for all of your support through emails/calling/Facebook/comments.  It is a very encouraging part of the day to hear from you.  Even if we don’t respond, ...

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02 Jun

We are here!

                        Our traveling started with some early mornings.  We woke up a 4:30am in CO and Abby’s aunt gave us a ride to the airport, we land in FLL ...

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