Mark has been married for thirty-seven years to his wife Jill and they live in Fort Collins, CO. They are blessed with three amazing children and eight wonderful grandchildren (soon to be ten).

Whether Mark is serving in the capacity of a board member, mentor, consultant, parent, friend or grandparent, he always serves with an emphasis on God’s Story – The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Commandment (love God, & love others as self …) and His Commissioning (go and make disciples …).

Mark holds an M.A. from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design, with an emphasis in Organizations Systems Renewal. His Undergraduate is a B.S. in Business Administrations from Colorado State University with an emphasis in Management.

Mark brings his unique perspective of organizations into his recently elected position of president, emphasizing the creative fusion of leadership and teamwork. Here he draws on his experiences from his personal commitments, interpersonal relationships, and professional competencies gained from the arena of high performance sports, for-profit management, and not-for-profit governance and stewardship.

Mark first went to Haiti in 2012. He is known as “Papi Mark” to the children and can be found planning and overseeing projects and finances, tickling and making kids smile, jumping rope or making rooster calls. He currently serves as president/treasurer on Loving Haiti’s board and has been instrumental in the organization’s development – helping it grow and run with greater effectiveness & efficiency in service to its purposes, principles and priorities.