Old well: Girls filling old vegetable oil containers with water from the bottom of the property to carry up the hill to their Children’s Home


In 2012, thanks to generous donors, Loving Haiti was able to provide the compound with a solar powered well .

Clean and accessible water is a major problem in Haiti.  Prior to 2012, there was s a well on the property, however it only pumped about 1/10th of the water needed.  The old well was also powered by a gas-guzzling generator (which often broke down).  There was not enough water to bathe the kids daily, provide them with clean drinking water, to wash clothes daily, water the garden, etc.

We worked with Haiti Outreach, to drill the new well and install the solar powered pump. We also installed a 1000 gallon water tank and pipes throughout the property.  This new well will provide the compound with clean,  accessible, and free water for many years to come.




1000 gallon water tank


Water before

 One of the many new spigots on the property and clean water!