Children’s Home Monthly Donors

There are 45 amazing children living at the Children’s Home.

The  cost to support each child living in the Children’s Home is  $100 a month/per child.  This money covers food, medical care, clothes, supplies, school tuition, and more. A portion of this money is also used to employ Haitian workers who help care for the children( guards, cooks, house mom, washers).

Please consider making a monthly donation to support these beautiful children.


 Philadelphia Baptist School of Pignon

Haiti Day 3 010

This primary school, started in 1982 by Francois and Madam and currently has 180 students. They started this school to reach the kids of Pignon who were unable to pay for school and it allows them to attend at little or no tuition.

The school educates the kids and then serves them lunch(when financially possible) and sends them home with a full tummy.

The school is in dire need of funding.

Teacher’s salary: $133.00/month x 8 teachers = $1064/month (FILLED!)

Director’s salary: $150.00/month

Uniforms: $28.00 per student/year x 180 = $5040

Lunch: for all 180 students $1134


 Toyota HIACE Van

The very first time we went to Haiti, 4 years ago, Pastor Francois mentioned what a blessing it would be for the compound to have a means of transportation that could carry more than a few people. Whether it’s taking kids from the Children’s Home on a field trip, to taking the church choir on a tour, to bringing big groups of kids to the doctor, there are so many ways a large vehicle could be used! Currently, the largest vehicle on the property is Pastor’s personal truck, which fits 6 people. The best, most durable van for this job has been found,  and it costs $43,000.



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