New Generator

Why do we need a generator if we already have solar panels?

Although we have 3 solar panels and battery banks on the property, they don’t generate enough electricity to power the entire compound, (school, sewing center, orphanage, church, well water,). Also, there are days without sun in which they turn to  a generator for power!

Solar Panels and Battery Storage
The current 3 solar panels and batter banks don’t generate enough electricity to sufficiently power the entire compound.


Home for Pastor and Madam
Pastor and Madam currently live in the Hospitality House which features 6 rooms. These rooms become occupied throughout the entire year. Whether it’s guests from the Unites States, visitors in Haiti, or the many attendants to the church conferences, the open rooms are often occupied. Pastor and Madam live on the bottom floor of the two story building in one of the rooms. The remaining 5 rooms are for guests/family. This past July when Loving Haiti came to visit, along with other Haitian visitors, Pastor and Madam gave up there tiny room and slept in the storage room. It would be wonderful if we could build them a small, two bedroom house next to the hospitality suite to not only give them privacy but to open up the Hospitality Suite for more guests. They already have the land ready and the house blue prints.