Day 8 – Sunday, February 26th

Day of Rest: Relax and Enjoy the Lord and One Another










Relentless Example: “For the poor will never cease to be in this land …” Remember the story I shared last week concerning 3 kids who were in need of care because their parents were either dead or unable to physically care for them? Well today, one of the boys was back with his father, along with another new boy with his aunt. One other woman from last week was also there with I believe, her daughter. They met with Pastor François this morning providing birth certificates while answering other questions regarding the need for Orphan Care. The women believed that both boys needed the care and located who they believed was the father of one and secured both birth certificates.

The two other kids from last week, one girl and one boy, will be back this week with these women to speak with Pastor,  and they will have some supporting documentation and relative representatives. The girl, who was originally going to be taken by her Aunt looks like she will be joining the orphanage, too.

So by the end of the week our number will be increasing by four.

Tangible Need: 4 New Beds & 3 Mattresses; School Clothes and Shoes

Pray for Loving Haiti: That these new children, 1girl/3 boys, will be accepted and loved by this community and come to know and love God as well.

Pray for Me: I’m feeling well but getting a little bit of the runs … if you know what I mean :-).