Day 12 – Thursday, March 1st

Relentless Scripture:  Col 3:16; Rev 5:9-10

Relentless Focus: A Joyful Noise


Relentless Example: “… singing with thankfulness in your hearts …” The workers generally arrive at this compound around 6:00 am. I no longer need an alarm clock because my system is now synchronized to their social movements and sounds, which include singing along with these roosters’ attempts at Beethoven’s 5th in Cock-a-do minor. Even the dogs who are getting ready to take a long-deserved break from their night watch are paying tribute in song; as they see the sun rising they start singing, come on, you know the Beatle’s song – “it been a hard day’s night, and I been working like a dog, …. And I should be sleeping like a log.” Ok, that’s a little exaggeration, but in Haiti, I’m starting to get the feeling that all creation has a song to sing in praise to their Creator.

For example, take Madame François, the wife of Pastor François. She’s the mother of five children; she is the lead teacher/trainer of the Women’s Sewing Center. She’s also an excellent cook and mentor to women and the older orphan girls in the art of cooking. In addition, she teaches the Sunday afternoon Bible program for the children of the Philadelphia Baptist Church and these orphans.













I tell you all this to say, she’s an amazing women of the faith. Her movements are always accompanied by some moment ofpraise and thanksgiving to God our Creator. Every time I see her she has this little battery powered radio, tuned into some praise or worship station.  As she wakes up and walks by the way, and works in the sewing center or with the kids, or worships in church, she leaves an imprint of praise and thanksgiving to God.

I had the opportunity to witness this extraordinary woman in action as she taught the Sunday afternoon children’s Bible program. There were probably 60 kids in attendance from the ages of 3 to 9. She had in her hand one piece of paper and a Bible. During the next hour the kids learned a Bible verse, heard a Bible story, worshiped, and prayed all through rhythmic movements and songs. You know, there’s something to the saying that  “if you sing it, you won’t forget it.”













Like the children, the people in Haiti are not as concerned about sounding good, as they are about making a good joyful noise! This happens to be my area of expertise for those who know me.  My experience with three Church services this past Sunday left me with the impression that they love to sing. And so they do, every stanza, ever so loud, and ever so joyful! As I was singing along with them it was evident that I didn’t know all the words or the harmony, melody and rhythm breakpoints. But I could sing loud and I could sing joyfully, and if ever in doubt, I could always sing in the spirit. And I did.







Tangible Need: Sunday School Curriculum for Adults and Kids

Pray for Loving Haiti: Sunday School Programs for Kids of all ages.

Pray for Me: Learning enough of Haitian Creole to be less dangerous.