Mark took a trip to Pignon for the entire Lent season from February 2012-April 2012.  Click on any of the following links to read about his journey.

First Week (Pure and Undefiled Religion)






Days 8-9 (New Children)







Day 10 (Sickness and Roosters)







Day 11 (Keeping Hope Alive)







Day 12 (A Joyful Noise)






Day 13 (Dog Gone It!)






Day 14 (True Compassion)






Day 16 (Schooled by Jesus)






Day 17 (Mission in Possibilities)






 Day 18 (The Seen and Unseen)







Day 19 (Handy and Hospitable)






Day 20 & 21 (Stars in the Making)







Day 23 (M.B. Go Home…Not Yet!)







Day 24 (Hai-glish)








Day 25 (Spirit of Adoption)







Day 26 (Principals and Principles)







Day 27 (Making the Grade)







Day 28 (Stuck on the Five W’s)