Day 17 – Tuesday, March 6th

Relentless Scripture: Matt 19:26

Relentless Focus:  Mission in Possibilities

Relentless Example: “…but with God, all things are possible.” Today has been a very long day. Pastor and his son arrived at the compound at 4:00 a.m. from Port Au Prince with the truck loaded with … you guessed it, the 8 solar panels, 1 converter, and 10 batteries. All that’s left to get is the controller along with purchasing the right cables and sizing. A technician is schedule to come here soon to conduct an assessment for locating the optimal position and alignment to the sun’s energy and to determine the cable needs. After that assessment we should be ready for installation. Please continue to pray through this project.



















The mission of obtaining sustainable energy (at least 20-25 years) in meeting the electrical needs of the Church, Orphanage, Sewing Center and School at one time was thought to be impossible; but now through your generous donations along with God’s favor, this mission has become possible.

Just think about it–Pastor François and Missionary Bill (where Abby and Denny first observed this best practice) could possible set a new standard and corner the market here in Pignon, Haiti. Let’s see, what could they possibly name this venture? How about Son-2- Sun Creations?!

Anyway it’s about 9:57 pm and I’m going to stop entertaining myself; I’ve been up since 4:00 a.m. and I’m very tired. You see, after the truck was unloaded Pastor asked me if I wanted to go to Cap Haitian with him this morning to pick up more supplies, and I said yes. We left @ 7:00 a.m. and returned around 7:00 p.m.; however, the drive again through rural Haiti was brutal. The roads were by far the worst I have ever experienced. And once near Cap Haitian it wasn’t the roads you were concerned about, it was all the people, places, and things that were on them. It’s a typical big city with a market place located every square mile; no, I mean around every corner; no, I really mean on every corner, nook and cranny.





































I would love to say more about markets and sustainability, but the only marketplace I’m willing to buy into now, is bed.  So this is my prayer: God is Good, God is Great, and I thank Him for this rest. By your Spirit please lay me down, to dream of Your Kingdom safe and sound. Good Night!


(New orphan boy!)





Tangible Need: In the distant future, there’s a need for 2 more panels and 2 more batteries.

Pray for Loving Haiti: Solar Assessment and Installation

Pray for Me: I’m headed over to Missionary Bill and Jennifer’s place tomorrow to their Feeding Clinic for the malnourished children 2 yrs or older, and to learn about their Solar Panel Operations.