Day 20–Friday March 9th & Day 21–Saturday March 10th 

Relentless Scripture: Matt 5:16; James 1:17

Relentless Focus:  Fathers’ at Work and Play (Stars in the Making)

Relentless Example: “… see your good works and glorify your Father… ”

During these last few days in Pignon my heart has been very encouraged by what I am hearing and observing–those stars that arise from God’s grace that bring light; I call them stars in the making. When they emerge they provide direction, bear witness to the truth, and radiate the light of life.

This is what I mean:  remember that welcoming sign Pastor and Madame François posted for their good friend Dr. Greg Bennett that said, “We Love You”? Well, over these past few days I now understand why they have so much love for this man and now for the three men (Patrick1, Partrick2, and Evan) who accompanied him from their Reston Church located near the Washington D.C. Area.







Pignon, Haiti is no stranger to Dr. Bennett. He’s been visiting Haiti over the past eight 8 years through his involvement with an organization called Community Collation for Haiti (CCH).


This organization has a 20 year history in Haiti of compassionately serving throughout various cities. They are all about developing relationships and meeting the basic needs of the people by following Christ’s example. In just the little time I’ve have spent with Dr. Bennett,  I’ve grown in perspective and in appreciation for the outcomes gained here in Pignon, as CCH hands and footprints have been at work in meeting food, health, shelter, educational  and recreational needs with “dignity, fullness and hope”, as their website says. It’s been a real blessing watching love in action.

Like me, this was Patrick1, Patrick2, and Evan’s first time in Haiti. Like me also, they love kids and have a huge heart for orphan care through effective ministry efforts and adoptions. My joy is so overflowing right now because these young men, through God’s love, have made His Kingdom tangible to these kids at this orphanage. They have blessed them with their time (playing, listening, telling stories, holding them), they have blessed them with their resources (clothes, shoes, food, toys), and they have blessed them with their prayers (for children … such is the kingdom of God). Because these kids saw Jesus through God’s Spirit working in their lives, they have also seen the Father show up in their Fatherlessness.







Pastor François bears God’s image well among these kids, but when you throw in 5 more men who love God (although individual members, all working together as One Body), it’s a beautiful thing to behold. God’s image just got a little brighter for these children, and no one will wake up or go to bed fatherless because they have seen the Father’s Love.

It’s amazing what the Body of Christ can do when it actually goes to work for Christ, pooling its time, resources, and prayers in ways that bear truth and give life. Like in Acts 4:32 – “And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own; but all things were common property to them.”

The past few days have served as a good reminder that first of all, there is no one good but God (He’s Love, He’s Light & He’s Life). As well, there is no one Great but God (All Knowing, All Powerful, at All Places and Times). So unless our words and deeds are initiated by God, continued to be led by God and finished by God, then our efforts are doomed to fall by the wayside (Star in the Breaking)– you know, those stars that have fallen from God’s grace and have moved to produce their own works.

So the best thing we can do for God is to believe in who He has said He is and what He has said He’s done, by trusting Him, obeying Him and following his lead. When we do this then people will see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.

Enjoy the pictures … they will light up your world!