Day 28 – Saturday, March 17th

Relentless Scripture:  1 Thes. 5:24; Phil 4:6

Relentless Focus: Stuck on the 5 W’s … Symbols of God’s Grace

Relentless Example: “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.”







Who, What, When, Where, Why & How? You know these words that we use most often when we’re in some investigative mode or state of inquiry, questions to help direct our intentions or presuppose a particular finding in our lives. If you are having any fun in life then you’re also discovering that you’re asking lots of questions and finding those answers about love, which light up the way of life.

Well today, as I was engaged in a state of inquiry, I recognized that before I ask any more questions, I should first recognize and give thanks for the many answers from God right before me. For example, just today:

1)       32 Widows and some of the needy of the church received food (rice, beans, and oil). An answer to prayer for many widows, thanks to your generous donations to the Widows’ Food Fund.







2)      36 Orphans, 10 workers, 12 Sewing Students, Pastor, Madame and me started the de-Worming process by taking the medicine Mebendazol (2x /day for 3 days). An answer to prayer in guarding against intestinal parasites which 90% of Haitian children suffer from along with waterborne diseases. Our recent supplies were purchased by your generous donations.

De-Worming the Sewing Center


3)      60 – 80 people at minimum are here every day, and the Wall currently under construction will help secure these property boundaries. The first critical leg is nearly completed and we start the second this Monday. Answers to prayer!  thanks to your generous donations which will help continue to secure the entire compound.







4)      9 (Cleaner, Cooks,), + 1 (Gateman/Cleaner) + 3 (Kid Helpers) + 10 (Teacher/Admin) = 23 Workers are employed (full/part time) and prayers have been answered due to your generous sustaining (monthly) donations.







5)      1 Wayward American man in need of some good old-fashioned table fellowship over a home-cooked meal (including hot out of the oven homemade rolls)—found it with Missionary Bill and Jennifer Campbell’s Family. My prayers were answered because of your prayers and support. Thank you … your labor of love is not in vain. May God continue to bless you!







(Please pray for Bill and Jenn @ US Embassy, 7:00am Monday 19th-adoption hearing)


So the next time you happen to be in a state of inquiry pondering the meaning of life and its answers, just look around you at all the symbols of God’s Grace – answered prayers. God is the Who, What, When, Where and Why of both our Questions and Answers. He calls us to prayer and He also calls us to be part of His answer. Now how does He do it? Well, you’re just going to have to ask Him yourself. But I do know that He Works by Grace, through Faith, in Christ.






Tangible Needs:  Night Watchman and Orphanage Director.

Pray for Loving Haiti: Pray more, and be part of His answer.

Pray for Me: To be a symbol of His faithfulness