Day 32 – Thursday, March 22nd

Relentless Scripture:  2 Thes. 3:11

Relentless Focus: “Bubba’s Beauty and Barber Shop”

Today started off as normal for Pastor François and me, checking on the progress of the fence project and making sure that the needed supplies and labor were present and accounted for. Although the supplies and labor were present, some of the foundation rocks were still located at last week’s work area down the hill. So instead of workers taking some initiative and moving the rocks (if needed) to their new work area, they basically were going to call it a day and start back tomorrow when the rocks were moved.







Pastor then informed them that he, myself and some of the other workers here would be moving the rocks … What is it exactly that I’m paying you to do? So here’s Pastor and I sitting at the breakfast table and guess who decided to go to work. That’s right …. Boss man and his 4-supervisors actually decided to get off their donkeys (forgive my French/Creole) and work for a change. Amazzzzzzing! There are maybe two people on this entire work crew who could possibly sustain a full work day in the U.S. This type of behavior drives Pastor absolutely nuts (he feeds them while they are here and pays them a decent wage), seeing so many of his people work so little when being watched and even less when left alone. Pastor grew up on a farm and knows the value of a good day’s work. Anyway, we agreed that most of these workers deserve some much needed time away from their work next week.








Well, instead of pulling out my hair which I don’t have much of anyway (because my lazy donkey follicles won’t go to work), I decided to pull on somebody else’s hair. As I was headed up again to check on the fence progress, one of the kids stopped me to show me a cut on her chin. The cut was deep enough that it required some cleaning, antibiotic cream, a band-aid and yes, a kiss on the head. So I headed back to my room to grab my first aid supplies and then up the hill again to tend to her cut.  You see, over the last two weeks, I’ve adopted the role of Nurse Pa Pa Mark. I’ve been cleaning up their minor scrapes and abrasions and checking out anything that looks suspicious. I’ve gone through numerous cleaning wipes, creams, and band-aids (which are popular at first but not in fashion to last). But after this cleaning up I noticed that her hair needed a little tending to (a major shampoo, rinse, conditioner, and styling [re-braid] and medication of some head sores which are common). The compound worker bees were much too busy at this time making honey, so I took on the task of opening up Bubba’s Beauty and Barber Shop.








It was an absolute riot. I picked out my three victims–I mean willing candidates, headed down the hill, and set up shop on two benches and a chair under a tree. I ran upstairs to my room to get the necessary start-up supplies – clean water, cups, comb, basins, shampoo, conditioner, towels, and portable electric shears. I put them in girl-boy-girl order and opened up shop.  All I can say it was Bubbalicious! Before I knew it there was a watching audience (workers, kids, sewing center students) and a line started forming for who was next. I provided 2x (shampoo, conditioners, and rinses) for each kid along with a deep scalp massage and then a kiss on the head. I asked one of the older girls if she would like to help by braiding and she said, “Yes.”  Pastor and Madame François just keep smiling and said, “Good job and thank you.”  Finally Pastor had to tell the kids to go and that I couldn’t do any more today.







So the next time you’re looking for a way to pull out your hair and Curse, don’t! Just find somebody who you can pull your way and Bless! It’s a hair-brained idea, I know, but it works.

Tangible Needs:  Beauty and Barber Supplies.

Pray for Loving Haiti: More Orphanage Workers – Monthly Sustaining Contributions

Pray for Me: That I can keep my Beauty and Barber Shop open until April 9th.