There will not be too much writing as we are still without power  (Praise God the solar panels should be installed April 7th)  We went to Bill and Jennifer’s compound to charge up and it turned into a neat evening and it gave the computer enough juice to load these:


First we checked out the school:










There is no off season for Kev and Tim:



























No caption needed:













Plenty of time playing with the kids 🙂




























At the Campbell’s orphanage, they wanted Kevin, Tim and Mark to talk to the boys about their experiences in the NFL and their walk with the Lord.  They all did an awesome job and the kids loved it :-)…Mark talked about the five points of receiving (I will let him write that up).





































Of course Bubba Mark didn’t leave without showing his jump roping skills:











*I had a two hour one-one meeting with Francois today, he share many different things on his heart, one thing in particular was about many of you and your support.  He talked about how he had a headache and felt sick in his stomach because of many things in his orphanage, like no wall.  He says, “now, after one year I rejoice, there is many progress: the projector, stove, solar panels, mattresses, fence, food, and I thank God for your supporters.”  It is very evident the impact you all have made in one year!