I talked with Denny briefly today. The borrowed generator(until the solar panels are installed in 2 weeks) isn’t working well so they hardly have any power. And the power they do have needs to be saved for pumping water. So he said he probably wont be able to post any pictures for a while.

Tomorrow(Tuesday) the Three Amigos are going to drive to Cap Haitian to buy supplies, paint-to paint the orphanage, and party supplies to throw a dinner party for all the kids at the end of the week! They will be chaperoned by my dad and Francois, of course!

Wednesday the boys are going to work at the feeding clinic at Bill and Jennifers.

Denny had a meeting with Francois today in which Francois said he has waited for years for the right people/group to come alongside him in his ministry and he’s confident that what he was waiting for all along was Loving Haiti. He asked that we form a board of directors on the USA and that he forms a board of directors down there. They also talked about the future of Loving Haiti and the direction it will go once Francois dies. Denny is excited about Loving Haiti yet overwhelmed at all the needs yet to be met.

***UPDATE: just found out that my dad, Kevin and Tim went to the American couple’s orphanage and spoke to the boys there to encourage them! Pretty cool. Two current and one formal NFL players!

*Board of directors in both locations
*Who will take over once Francois and Madam are called Home
*House parents to specifically run the orphanage


Esther(Denny’s sister) and Lynn(Denny’s mom) have booked their tickets and are headed to Haiti one week from today. They will overlap one week with my dad and are hoping to stay the entire month of April(as of now they have one-way tickets are are trusting God with discernment on how long to stay)! The have expressed interest in going many times and feel that April is perfect timing for both of them.

How cool, someone from Loving Haiti will be at the compound continuously for 10 weeks between my dad, the boys and Lynn and Esther!

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support!