Today started bright and early at 5:30 as we departed for a near by (40 miles=3.5hrs) drive to Cap Haitian.  The road conditions is what makes this trip take so long.  Pastor usually takes the trip once or twice every two weeks.  Today, he needed the American missionary Bill to help carry some lumber back for him, so we took two trucks.  This is an absolutely beautiful drive as you look at the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, jungle etc.  However, it is also absolutely gut wrenching as you see the the extreme poverty on the way.  The things that we see along the way are so sad, feeling so bad that we couldn’t even take pictures.  There are many stories of what we saw and experience on the drive that will be better share in person. I did manage a few shots for the day:

Gorgeous drive:










Kevin and Tim loading wood in Cap, to help build a dresser for the kids clothes:



















Cap Haitian:










Bubba Mark stayed back and set up arts and crafts time:



















We brought dinner for a party we are throwing for the kids/workers/elders etc 🙂  (these will be eaten Friday)










We got back late, but of course had some time with the kids 🙂



















Doctor Bubba Mark:










As I went to shower tonight (which didn’t work because we didn’t have power to pump water 🙁 )….I did find this little friend: