Low power is a common theme here (and I am not talking about my strength).  I will write a little bit about today and then post all the pictures and you can figure out which picture goes with which story J

*Before I begin, an update on Renald.  They released him from the hospital as he has a type of TB that is non-responsive to medicine (medicine resistant TB).  There is a hospital near Port that can help him, so Bill will attempt to drive him there next Friday.  Please continue to pray for him, especially for this trip as there is a good chance he may not make the drive*


Today was laundry day and the workers put in a full day.  Started in the morning and worked into late afternoon.  Pastor started the morning with a little football catch, Kevin, Tim and myself headed up the mountain for a hike with a few of the boys from the orphanage.  Absolutely gorgeous hike and a little more tough than we had anticipated.  The crazy thing is that when we had been hiking for an hour, we would see old men trying to farm the land.  They have to do this same hike daily.  A beautiful view from the top and Tim even was crazy enough to challenge the tower up top.


As we got back to the compound, pastor showed me one of his neighbors who chopped pastor’s tree down and took it for firewood.  Pastor went in his yard and took it back.  The neighbor also throws their trash in Pastor’s yard and lets their donkey in.  We decided that will be the next phase of the project.  Our job today was to move the rocks…it may sound easy but when we asked pastor if we could move them for him, he replied with “no you work like that, you die, they are heavy & the hill is steep, you die.”  Thankfully, the little kids helped us and we didn’t die.  We still have more work tomorrow, but got majority done today.  The kids were super cute and creative with their rock carrying skills.

The day ended with Kevin giving out his Chief’s gear.  The kids were all smiles.