With our last day at hand we spent the first part of the morning playing with the kids:















Some local people from the church set up a ‘market’ for us to buy some local goods.  Pastor is nice to give these people a venue to sell some goods:









We decided that we needed to finish moving all the rocks so they can start building up their foundation of the wall.  The kids were helpful as always 🙂






























After the rock moving, we all cleaned up and got ready for a party.  We gave money to Francois to buy rice/beans, meat, and soda for all the kids/workers and some elders in the church.  Everyone got dressed up and it was an awesome night.  I put together a little slideshow of pictures and videos for the kids to see.  They LOVE seeing themselves on the projector 🙂


















































The next morning Pastor let a few of the kids ride with us to the airport to see us off, it was very difficult saying goodbye to these precious kids:






















*I am still working on putting together a short video, which will include more pictures/videos/music from our trip, so stay tuned*