First off, how awesome has it been to read such amazing posts from Lynn, Esther, Denny and my Dad over the past few months?! Some amazing work is going on over there in Pignon, Haiti. Thank you for supporting the work and thank you for supporting the “hands and feet” who are over there now.

Secondly, my dad(Mark Bell) arrived safely back to Oregon!

Thirdly, the solar panels should be officially installed this week at the compound!

Okay, onto my post.

Denny, Betsy, Bella and I will be heading to Haiti for the month of June. As in 6 weeks-June! We are SO excited for this experience as it has been a dream of ours since the inception of Loving Haiti to be able to take our kids with us and to stay for longer than a week! Actually, it has been a dream of ours to take our kids to a place like Loving Haiti since before we even had kids and it’s incredible to think it’s actually happening. Among many other things, it will be so nice for our girls to understand what all this Loving Haiti stuff is ¬†about that mommy and daddy spend so much time on, and who this “Francois” guy is that they hear on the phone ūüėČ

We. Can’t. Wait.

Denny and I have been learning a lot through one of our mentors at Andando about the importance of instilling hope while¬†empowering¬†the locals to help in the process of alleviating poverty(via¬†micro-financing, etc). We also finished a book called, “Giving Wisely” and are in the middle of reading, “When Helping Hurts.” All this to say, our minds are spinning and our hearts are beating with excitement about the new ideas we have for Loving Haiti and to better understand the needs, passions and desires of those from Francois’ compound and how they can be wisely¬†met.

We are also in the process of forming a board of directors for Loving Haiti, meeting with a lawyer to become an independent non-profit and working on a 5-year plan/goals for this ministry. We are busy. Praise God!

We have been blown away by the support we have received since this website launched. Thank you for reading, praying, supporting and sharing this website with others.

As most of you (hopefully)know, every dollar received by Loving Haiti goes directly to Haiti. Denny and I have chosen to cover the administrative costs of running Loving Haiti by ourselves to allow the maximum amount of donations to go straight to Loving Haiti. We feel good about this decision but it’s also makes it difficult for us to physically go to Haiti because plane tickets are so expensive.

Our current decision to go to Haiti for the month of June definitely isn’t cheap but we feel very good about it, going for a month gives us more time to develop relationships, learn more about the Haitian culture and to better assess the current needs and how they can be met. (And to hopefully meet with the new Haitian board of directors!)

Because we don’t take any administrative costs we wanted to ask you to consider donating¬†specifically¬†to our trip. So far, we have personally saved up 1/2 the funds to go on this trip($2,500) and are trusting God for the rest($2,500). If you feel inclined to give towards our trip then please do! (And just write “Loving Haiti-Bain Family trip” in the subject line. It can still be a tax write-off as long as you give through Andando. You are also more than welcome to write a check directly to us.

Thanks again for all of your support!