I volunteered at Jennifer Cambells Children’s Home: Home of Hope. There was a 10 day old baby girl—Liva which means ‘life’ in English. The baby’s parents brought this infant to Bill and Jennifer. They hadn’t named the baby yet because they didn’t think it would survive. But once Bill and Jennifer agreed to keeping the baby to nurse it to health then they decided on the name Liva. Jennifer said the baby doesn’t have a good chance of survival. Each day the baby survives will be a miracle. Jennifer won’t rest until the baby reaches at least 4 pounds about double its body weight now. The mother has some mental issues. She tried to cut the baby out of her womb herself. Then she needed an emergency C section performed at 7 months pregnant. The parents said they hadn’t fed the baby since it was born—about 10 days at that point. But the baby took right to a bottle. The nipple was too big so Liva is now being fed by a syringe. Liva drank a good amount while I was visiting her. Her skin was cold and clamy and it took nearly two hours and a hot water bottle to warm the baby. Finally the baby’s cheeks and arms were up to a normal body temperature. She still hadn’t gone to the bathroom by the time I left. It was incredible to hold this 2 pound baby. It barely felt like I was holding anything at all. After a while Liva began moving her arms around and even opened her eyes for periods of time. Nan a visiting American said, “If Liva survives then she can bless God with her life and if she passes then she can avoid all the suffering and heartache.”–a wise yet sad reality.