Our traveling started with some early mornings.  We woke up a 4:30am in CO and Abby’s aunt gave us a ride to the airport, we land in FLL and checked into our hotel for the night. We spent a little time at the pool and then the girls were asleep by 7:00 (which is 5:00 CO time!).  We got up at 4:00am the next morning and there was a lighting/thunderstorm storm.  I got soaked as I carried all the luggage to the taxi.  We left FLL at 6:20am and arrived in Port at 8:30am.  No problems with customs or taxi to smaller airport!  The girls were surprised at how many times we had to say no to people trying to carry our bags :-).  We waited about 1 1/2hrs to board our small charter.




Abs and girls walking to our plane (the largest one)





Betsy was SUPER excited,









while Bella was not too sure about the small airplane 🙂









Fell asleep!







As soon we got there the girls grabbed our girls hands and took them on a tour.







Pastor was very proud to show me all the progress of the fence…if you saw Kevin, Tim and I moving the rocks, this was where we moved them to, there has been a TON of progress.  Pastor says “every time I see the fence, I thank God for you all.”






More of the fence which has been finished since we left (all because of your support)!  He just ran out of money and we are only 2-3 of the sections short from finishing the top.






The Haitian kids loved teaching their clapping games.






















Bella tried to lead a dancing game.







This girl is taking charge!








They love playing with the girls hair, fixing some of mommy’s braiding mishaps 🙂








Loving a picture from Gramma Lynn and Sista Esta!
















Betsy showing them pictures of cousins/aunts/uncles








uhhhhhhhhhhhh…..luckily Betsy and Bella didn’t see this.

























It is SUPER hot here, you can see the sweat on poor Mia’s nose…as Abby said, “it is a type of heat you can’t escape,” or Bella, “I really like Haiti except it is too sticky.”







Betsy and Bella were so tired last night they slept 7-7!!!  Thank you all who have prayed and supported us on this journey.  This is an incredible experience for my family, however, it is also a necessary trip for us to see the change that you have all help make happen and see how we want to proceed with future projects.  We want to be effective with the donations, helping to meet basic needs but ultimately helping to empower the people here.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and guidance for Loving Haiti and the people here.  Thanks!