Hey all!  Thank for all of your support through emails/calling/Facebook/comments.  It is a very encouraging part of the day to hear from you.  Even if we don’t respond, it means so much!  Sorry it has been a few days, such is life in Haiti.  We are beginning to compile lists of projects that we would like to take on in the future, there are MANY needs here and we will try to prioritize alongside pastor and the boards here.  We were able to meet with the orphanage board a couple days ago and soon the church board.  I apologize in advance for the super long post; we never know with the internet here when we will have the internet here.  We are the first visitors with electricity 24hrs a day because of your support with the solar panels.  I could not imagine sleeping here without a fan, this Friday it is supposed to feel like 113.  Enjoy!





Most mornings start with the girls doing each other’s hair.
































These girls snuck up to our room for games and a movie

















Bottle cap game, still don’t really get this








Almost every day consists of art projects donated  by www.artforthenations.org, they are an incredible organization.  Totally free art supplies with very creative project ideas!  I will show more about this soon.







She finally got a hang of jumping rope!








This is a pretty funny game where kids get in the barrel and other kids hit it with sticks 🙂
















Doctor Abby!  These poor kids don’t have enough water to shower everyday so most wounds end up infected.  This boy had gnats and ants crawling in and out of his wounds L  We hope to start fundraising soon for a new well which will provide them with enough water for every child to wash and for all the work around the compound!  I will get a quote for the well tomorrow.







Pastor/Madam led a Sunday school after church for the community, they give out suckers which brings in a lot of town kids 🙂






Pastor used our Jesus Story Book Bible to illustrate David and Goliath.  The kids recognize the Bible stories simply by the pictures!  This Bible is neat because many of the characters are darker skinned (Middle Eastern), which is neat for the kids to not see a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus 🙂  Some people here in Haiti just translated this in Creole and is available for purchase now (only $430 for 40 of them…including shipping!)…if this is something you would like to help with, please email me.







Betsy and Madam




















These girls pass out usually within five minutes of getting inside their ‘princess’ net










Spaghetti for breakfast 🙂








She likes to pour water into her fancy cup 🙂








They are wrapping up the upper section of the fence.  This is another project where we could use funds to help them finish.  There is much to be done, but every section helps pastor.

















She is a trooper!










There is seven bites in this picture and one spider bite :-(….she is even worse today!  Please pray for Bella, she is getting impetigo also, thankfully we have some meds here.












Her first time finishing all the food on her plate…day 4!  Betsy has not had much of an appetite.

























Jaquinta and Michelda










I leave you with this amazing face and my girls trying to copy me…