Okay readers! The section of the fence we started back when Mark was here is ALMOST done. There is one small connecting part directly behind the kids orphanage that desperately needs to be finished, it is only 32 feet long.  Please continue to read so you can see how you can help, and how this fence has multiple purposes, the first of which is protection for the kids.

This section below is where Kevin, Tim and I were moving rocks to.  This spot was extremely important as the neighbor directly behind Francois was constantly dumping garbage, leaving his animals and even cutting down Pastor’s trees.











You can see here how Pastor lives on a steep hill and when it rains in Haiti it POURS.  Another benefit to this fence is that the foundation will help divert the water around the compound instead of going through the middle of his property!  Because of the water running through the property, on some rainy days the kids can’t even walk to school or church.











Here are the workers filling in the middle parts that hold the sections together. Another benefit to this fence project is that all the money donated goes directly to supporting Haitian people.  Building this fence employs five or six Haitian people every week with a living wage(Pastor also provides them with coffee and lunch). In addition, the money spent to buy materials supports local Haitian businesses. This small section of the fence will not only benefit the compound, but people outside in the community!











Here is the section I keep referring to that needs to be finished!  It is only 32 feet long, but it is directly behind the orphanage.  Thankfully Pastor has never had anything bad happen to his  children due to the lack of this wall, however, there have been multiple beds, mattresses, clothes, and kitchen supplies stolen.  This is a critical section to close.











A closer look at the section:











I had some helpers measuring the distance 🙂










Bella recording down the number I yelled back 🙂










So far, this fence project  is averaging $24 a linear foot (including labor, blocks, sand, gravel, rocks and cement).  That would be a total of $768

If we could get the remaining funds donated by the end of this week, the workers can start Monday the 18th(while we’re still here) and could possibly finish before we leave!

Please e-mail us if you decide to donate or if you send a check, so that we can keep a running tally of funds donated!

Mesi! Mesi! Mesi! (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)