Sorry for the lack of updates, the internet has been especially slow!  We are SO grateful for all those who gave to help make the fence project a reality!  Hopefully work will begin Monday(you will see in this post why it may be delayed)!  Our time here has proven to be very fruitful, especially is assessing and prioritizing future needs.  Here are some pictures from the last few days!





The workers joyfully washing our laundry, a two day process to get it all done!










Walking up to the orphanage













The boys sleep upstairs and girls downstairs.









Puzzle time!











Madam sewing the new Loving Haiti shopping bags, which will be available for sale soon!








Stay tuned…there will be a limited quantity!











Girls washing each other’s feet before bed 🙂












Crazy Saturday market. (Notice Betsy has no problem leading us!)










Bill and Jennifer filled their swimming pool for their girls and Betsy and Bella to swim in. 3 hours later the girls finally came out to get a bite to eat 🙂





























KeBe. He is SO sweet. He recently came to the orphanage and the school-year is almost over so instead of joining late he will wait until next year. In the meantime, he helps the workers with whatever projects they have for that day! Filling up water cans, moving rocks, mixing cement, etc!









Madam using The Jesus Story Book Bible to teach afternoon Sunday school. These kids heads shoot up anytime they see a picture!
(This is our English version but there are Creole versions available now! We can get one bible for every kid for less than $500. If this is a project you’d want to help with via donations, please let us know via email)









Prayer time.









Sorry about Bella’s face 🙂









Chow time, the young ones get to eat first since there are not enough tables/chairs/utensils for everyone to eat at the same time.









The boys eat upstairs









Some girls snuck into our room for a girl party









This is the recent ‘construction’ on the road in front of Pastor’s compound.  The problem is, we can’t get a car into or out of Francois’ property right now.  They are supposed to be fixing it over the next few days.  We can’t start on the fence project, until a gravel/cinder block truck can drive up the driveway!  Please pray for this road construction to finish/ happen soon.









Here is a picture of the street parallel to Francois’…. it’s neat to see people of all ages from the town helping out. From little boys moving rocks out of the way to grown men carrying huge bags of cement. It’s a community project for sure!









We were able to help at the feeding clinic at Haiti Home of Hope.  They truly do some amazing things here. Abby is in heaven holding these sweet babies.









This sweet boy is blind, along with his brother.  He had a bad wound that needed some attention and Danielle(Bill and Jennifer’s intern) was the perfect girl for the job!





Thank you all for your prayers and support!