Thank you to everyone who donated to help complete the upper section of the fence!  We were able to raise all of the funds and they were supposed to start working on it this past Monday.  However, as you can see in the picture above, the road conditions permitted any trucks to enter Francois’ compound. Unforutnately, there is only one entrance to Francois’ compound.  There is no way for a truck to drive the heavy cement, rocks or cinder blocks through Francois’ property and up the hill where the fence needs to be built.


A few days later, this  happened:




















They started to scrape out a bunch of dirt and level the ground to prepare it to get paved.










They finally got the ground level, but it was still a few feet drop from the compound ground level s no trucks could make it though.


By Friday the city workers hadn’t done any more work on the road and the rains came 🙁



















Needless to say, the trucks still cannot make it up to the compound. Once a truck can make it up the compound the upper section of the fence will be finished!  He has the money thanks to you all and je will send pictures when it is complete.  Please pray for this road to get completed soon as the church will be celebrating 30 years this July 1st and many people from all around Pignon will be coming to celebrate with him next Sunday!

As we’re learning…things in Haiti can take a LONG time get finished. We pray this road will get finished quickly so that the fence can be completed!


Thank you!


We’ll post a pic when the fence is complete!