Yes, I am back in Haiti.

Why so soon, you ask? Because I learned on my last visit that besides the monetary support, the various building projects, and the medicinal and other much-needed supplies donated, there is great value in the children knowing and experiencing that they are loved. I wasn’t too sure on my last visit how much help I would be with projects in the heat and throes of (somewhat) aging knees and back. I learned early on that I have something else to offer. Pastor instructed me to “be a Gramma!” He said. “Go sit under the tree and love on the chldren.” Oh my. So easy. This visit the children didn’t hesitate at all….they immediately came up for hugs and kisses. Within the first hour Michelda fell asleep on my lap. The littlest boys, Gerald (5) and Beland (4), who last time pretended to be tough and too old for cuddles (I had to grab them for a hug as they ran by), this time pushed each other away to get closer to me. I told the children last time that I would be back soon. I know they hear that often from visitors and I wanted to prove to them that what we say is true. Denny, Abby, Betsy and Bella visited last month. Esther and I in April, Mark in May. We will not turn our backs on these children. I needed to return before hurricane season, and the start of the school year, so August works best.

I was really blessed this trip with the outpouring of support from you all. Those of you who made rice and beans or cookies for Denny and Abby’s presentation, and attended! – it was much appreciated!  As was Jeff and his family for hosting the event and the delicious Haitian chicken, and most of all for Jeff’s enthusiastic support! A lot of money was donated – see here for more info on how those funds will be used.

It means a lot to me that so many of you did a piece toward supporting lovinghaiti.  My friends Kathy and Terry inspired their sewing friends to gather a mountain of sewing supplies for Madam and her sewing center – quality scissors, lace, yarn, thread,embroidery thread, needles, crochet hooks – SO MANY supplies! Some will last for years and years. Money was also donated to purchase fabric here – (it’s best to buy what we can locally.) My brother Dan filled Pastor’s wish list for first aid supplies.
I am blessed by all of you. It’s so nice to feel this is a group effort – that a community supports these children.