Most of us have fences for privacy or containment reasons. While privacy is certainly important for the Loving Haiti compound safety is the most important reason for the construction of this fence. With issues such as poisoning or stealing kids, stealing food or other items, it’s imperative that this compounds has a  fence.

The school, sewing center, church and orphanage are all located on the same 3-acre property.

Since the inception of Loving Haiti we have begun completing a huge, strong, sturdy fence/wall one section at a time.




This spot was extremely important to fix as the neighbor directly behind the compound was constantly dumping garbage, leaving his animals and even cutting down Pastor’s trees.  Another benefit to this fence project is that all the money donated goes directly to supporting Haitian people.  Building this fence employs five or six Haitian people every week with a living wage(Pastor also provides them with coffee and lunch). In addition, the money spent to buy materials supports local Haitian businesses. This small section of the fence will not only benefit the compound, but people outside, in the community!

We still have a huge chunk of fence yet to be completed.

There are still 856 liner feet to be completed on the property.  708 liner ft. in the upper section of the property and 148 linear ft. in the lower section.

The cost runs about $20/liner foot(min. stacked 10 high) for labor and materials.

Cost to secure upper section: $14,160

Cost to secure lower section: $2,960

Total cost to secure entire compound:   $17,120.

If you are interested in helping to provide safety for these kids in the form of this fence please donate now!

Thank you.