Previous to your support, the orphanage/school/sewing center/church had power only a few hours a day, usually saving it for pumping water and for lighting the nightly church services.

For years the children have been going to bed in the dark. Unable to switch on a light if they needed to go to the bathroom, if they were scared, or if they needed to get something. Once the sun went down they had very little option of doing anything other than sleeping.

When they did have power, the only way for them to have power was to run a gas guzzling generator.  This was inefficient and extremely expensive.

However, after your generous donations and partnering with Pastor, there are now solar panels up and running giving the compound electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week!!!

Pastor recently talked with me about how happy the children were to have a light on from the time it went dark until they needed to go to bed.   He also said that having lights on the exterior of the building all throughout the property helps to keep the kids and property more safe.  Not only do they have power all day long but it’s FREE!

“Every time I use the electricity, I thank God for all my supporters.”-Pastor Francois

Thank you all SO much for making this possible, you’re truly changing the lives of the people in Pignon!


These are the panels on top of the guest building:









Here are the batteries that store the power: