Just a quick update to let our supporters know what’s been happening this past month!

1. Francois, Madam, and all the kids are SAFE from the hurricane. A ton of rain hit their compound but other than not seeing the sun for a few days(meaning no solar power energy) they are all safe!

2. The well project is still underway. As of now, Francois has running water in the orphanage, guest home and kitchen! The water holding tank as well as the solar panels are yet to be installed. The kids are SO happy!

3. A young married couple(also an old friend of mine) contacted us about going to work for Loving Haiti for four months (January-April 2013). We are elated to have them want to partner with Loving Haiti and serve in Pignon! Please pray that God would continue to lead them in this direction if this is His best will for them and for Loving Haiti.

4. My parents(Mark and Jill Bell) might be heading out to Pignon for Christmas. This would be my moms first time!

5. There are so many projects yet to be completed in Pignon. We need Godly discernment in knowing which project to conquer next 🙂

6. Madam will be flying to the States in November for lasik eye surgery. Please pray the surgery is a success and goes smoothly.

7. Francois might be coming to the States in February of 2013. We are excited at the thought of possibly flying him up to Colorado to meet our family and friends and to speak at our church and possibly some other fundraisers we could organize.

8. Denny and I would love to get to Haiti as soon as possible. Please pray for the right timing to plan a trip as well as finances to come through so we could buy plane tickets.

9. We are still working towards our 501c3 status. Please pray the process gets completed quickly. The paperwork is completed(thanks a lawyer who is doing the work pro bono), it just needs to be reviewed and submitted.

10. Christmas is right around the corner so stay tuned for giving ideas that would support Loving Haiti!

11. Many of you have voiced wanting to come to Haiti with us during spring break or summer of 2013. We will keep you posted as the Lord leads us. Please keep in contact with us if this is still a desire of yours.

Thanks so much!


Abby and Denny