We are very excited to announce that two of our friends are going to be spending about the next four months helping pastor in Pignon!!!  They just arrived safely yesterday to the compound and are excited to get to know everyone and begin serving.  Please join us in praying for Carl and Sigalit during their time in Haiti.


Here is an introduction from Carl and Sigalit:

We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as we begin our
journey to Pignon.  Our desire to serve and help people is deeply ingrained
in us, both as individuals and as a married couple. Sigalit and I met three
years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel.  I went to Israel to go to graduate school
at Tel Aviv University and met Sigalit, a native Israeli from Tel Aviv who
worked at USAID. We were married in April 2011.  When we were dating, we
spoke about our common desire to travel and serve together as a couple. The
calling and this opportunity to partner with Loving Haiti has brought us to
this present moment.  So, in November, we packed up our lives in Tel Aviv,
quit our jobs at Tel Aviv University and USAID, and came to Colorado to
prepare for the trip. We are very excited to head out to Pignon and are
excited to see what God has planned for our lives and time there!!