Before we left for Haiti, my sister-in- law made us a little photo journal
book. In it she stuck a few photos, nothing special, just everyday photos.
Photos of my family, friends, me, standing in front of a refrigerator
holding my nephew, my nephews in the park, my sister-in-law and niece with
a tray of birthday cupcakes…
I decided to take the book down to show the kids. I watched as they
gathered around the book and flipped through the pages, pointing in
excitement at things, “gato, bisiklèt, manman, machin” (cake, bicycle,
mother, car). As I stood there, I realised that this book was like a fairy
tale to them. Kind of like when we flip to the scene where Cinderella walks
into the ball, or when the Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy.

Most of these kids do not have parents, or their parents could not afford
to keep them. They have never played in a park, never had a birthday party,
actually, most of them don’t know how old they really are. They will
probably never own an oven or be able to find the ingredients needed to
bake cupcakes. They will most likely never own a fridge and chances are
they will never own a new bicycle, let alone a car.

I will not attempt to answer all the questions that no one can answer:   Why
is Haiti in the shape it’s in?  How can a country be so poor? Is there any
hope for Haiti?

It is difficult, but for today I am just thankful! Thankful for my fairy
tale life; for my family, for my friends, for refrigerators and for















Sending you much love from Haiti!