Bon jour from Lynn in Pignon, Haiti!
I have been here 2 nights now and my heart and brain are jammed with
things to share.  The photo above is the reason I come to Pignon.


I felt immediately at home with these beautiful timoun (children). There
are many new faces – actually 16 new children since I was last here a year
ago August. There are now 43. actually, as of last night, there may be 44.
Pastor told me a grandmother showed up asking if he could take her 8 year
old grandson who she can no longer care for. He told me he already has too
many children, so I asked when he would make his decision about the new
boy. He said, “There is no decision…if she brings him to me I will take
I’ll post stories  as I can about the children, and the tremendous
improvements to their lives because of your loving support to lovinghaiti!
But for now, I’ll start with a simple story that unfolded at this
morning’s Sunday service:
The children filed past me into church, singly loudly as the building
quickly filled.  I sat in the middle of  my usual pew, expecting to be
crowded in on both sides by the orphanage timoun.  But they are now being
sat by age, a few rows back.  So I was alone in the front row.
Then Bill (missionary with wife Jennifer, who live down the road—more
about them later) entered following a young boy who was using a walker –
first walker I’ve seen in Pignon. Bill guided the boy next to me, then he
went up to sit with the other pastors.
The young boy, who looked around 6, stood, sat and sang with the rest of
us (although to say I was singing Kreyol from the screen is an
exaggeration! But I DID recognize a few of the tunes 🙂
My pewmate had a strong singing voice  and also added lots of resounding
“Amens.”  I could tell his body was weak and his eyesight perhaps weak—but
his spirit was definetly very strong.
I am in the habit in Pignon of touching any child within my reach radius –
they crave it, demand it, and expect it from me – all of which
simultaneously warms and breaks my heart, over and over.
So I reached out to the boy, not sure if he wanted contact. When I lightly
touched his shoulder he jerked his head up to me and grinned.
I knew this little boy – it was Cosmos!!!

Here’s an excerpt from my posting of almost 2 years ago, when we first met
…..Their brother, Cosmos, is blind. He also had rickets and can’t walk.
See the photo. He looks around a year old – 20 pounds at the most. Cosmos
is 8 years old….As we approached the hut, Cosmos was sitting in the
dirt in front of the hut. ….
Back to Cosmos…watching him sit in the dirt…blind, malnourished, hot,
thirsty, and utterly surrendered to these facts…calmly nodding as Jennifer
questioned him….I realized these children don’t expect anything from life
but what they have already experienced during their short lives. As I felt
the girls hands in mine, and looked down at their filthy hair and rags for
clothes…all I could do was rub their hands. It was only a tiny bit of
affection, but it was human touch and they craved it….Jennifer
encouraged the mother to start attending the Feeding Clinic with the

















Another sidenote: Jennifer said the fact that these parents didn’t just
let their 3 blind children die, by not feeding them – that in itself is a
remarkable thing – good sign. (read more about Cosmos and his family of 12
at the April 2012 link–”Lynn and Esther Day 3”)

When Cosmos looked into my eyes this morning, my body shivered. I realized
god had been at work in Haiti: : “He causes the lame to walk and the blind
to see!”
Cosmos, who Esther and I had first met when he was blind, unable to walk
and appeared close to death 2 years ago, was now standing next to me,
singing, smiling!, and SEEING me!

Cosmos Today















I had to check with Bill afterwards to make sure it really was the same
child – yes, he said they were able to get eyes surgery for cosmos and his
brothers – bless you Bill and Jennifer.
,But I knew the minute Cosmos looked at me and smiled. I felt God’s
presence and the evidence of His undying love.

It’s SO GOOD to be back in Haiti!
Will keep you posted!
Gramma Lynn