Good morning, Loving Haiti supporters.

This morning we got news from Francois that one of the widows in his church lost her 3 yr old grandson in a fire that also destroyed her home.



The widow, her daughter and her three grandchildren were living in a small, wooden, home in Pignon. Last night the three children were sleeping when somehow the fire from the candle inside traveled and eventually the entire house burned down.

The two older kids, (ages 4 & 6 approx) escaped but the little 3 year old boy did not.

Pastor Francois has never asked us to post anything on this website but asked if we could post this “emergency” for him. He is working with the local pastors in Pignon to see how they can work together to rebuild this family’s home.

Loving Haiti would like to help in this awful tragedy.

Our goal is to give $2,000 towards a new home for this widow, daughter and 2 grandkids.

They would like to buy supplies this weekend and start building the new home on Monday.

If you would like to give, please follow the giving promts on the right of this website.

Thank you,

Abby and Denny

UPDATE: Our goal of $2,000 has been met. Thank you!!!!