Happy New Year!

Thank you for partnering with us in 2014 to bring hope, peace and joy to the community of Pignon, Haiti.

Top Highlights of 2014

  1. PASTOR AND MADAM VISIT FORT COLLINS: We were thrilled to have Pastor and Madam visit Fort Collins, Colorado, in March for a Loving Haiti Celebration. They were blessed to meet many of their supporters and we were blessed to have them experience beautiful, cold, Colorado!
  1. 501c3: Loving Haiti received its official 501c3 private foundation status from the government (retroactive to 2013).
  1. NEW VISITORS:Loving Haiti had a strong presence in Pignon during the 2014 year. We were delighted to bring new visitors down to Pignon.

*A group of Colorado State University students came for two weeks in July. Among many fun activities, the CSU students held a four-day Kids’ Camp that brought in around 500 kids from Pignon.  The group was also able to take the older kids in the Children’s Home on a two-day Field Trip to visit both the ocean and an old fortress. For majority of the kids, it was their first time experiencing the beach!

*A contractor named Grant Everitt (Myrtle Tree Contracting) from Fort Collins was able to go to Haiti in July with Denny. Grant and Denny worked alongside the boys of the Children’s Home teaching them how to build Bunk Beds. The boys were ecstatic to learn a new skill and to have new beds for their home.

     4.  MONTHLY SUPPORT: We were able to send a consistent amount of money monthly to support the children, thanks to                Loving Haiti’s faithful monthly donors. We are currently almost half-way to the total amount of money we need from                        monthly donors to fully support the children at the orphanage. Total amount needed: $4,500. In addition to the monthly                support for the children, a generous donor offered to pay all the salaries of the seven school teachers for the year – what a                gift!

      5. MICROLOANS: We were excited to be able to complete a handful of microloan transactions. Two of the microloans given            were to help young entrepreneurs in Pignon get their businesses up and running.

  1. FENCE PROJECT:  The front entrance to Francois’ property had been torn down by the government in order to pave a new road. The lack of a gate and fence led to things getting stolen out of the school and presented a safety hazard. Thanks to your support, we were able to completely rebuild the front fence to the property.
  2. WIDOW’S HOUSE REBUILT: With your donations, we were able to rebuild a home for a widow, her daughter and her grandkids after her house burned down, killing one of her grandsons.
  3. NEW TEAM MEMBER: We are happy to announce that we have added our first official Loving Haiti team member, Saundie Weiss. She has volunteered her time and skills to write Loving Haiti’s newsletters and to support our media and marketing initiatives. We are excited about growing our team in 2015.

We look back at 2014 with grateful hearts and we look forward to 2015 with expectant hearts!

Thank You

A note from Pastor Francois:

“My dear friends, donors, supporters
Thank you so so much, for your prayers, your love, and your supports to loving haiti, especially kids in Haiti.
After God, with you, the children have a better life, and they are very happy .
Again, Thank you
Please, please, be encouraged,
May this new year 2015, bring for your, Peace, Joy. Health, and blessing
With all your family

Love you all”

Francois Romelus

We are overwhelmed at the generosity of friends, family, and strangers toward the beautiful people of Pignon whom Loving Haiti supports. What a blessing to see dreams coming true!

Let’s begin 2015 with thanksgiving, and let’s ask ourselves how we might continue to “…take care of orphans and widows in their distress.”

We genuinely thank you for partnering with Loving Haiti.

Denny and Abby Bain