As is so often the case, once we arrive in Haiti, needs that we are not aware of in the US become obvious. The very first need presented itself on Friday upon our arrival in Pignon. Pastor Francois came to pick us up in a vehicle we didn’t recognize – turns out it’s a borrowed car, soon to be returned to its owner. Pastor Francois’s truck is in need of major repairs:

·         Rear Wheel Differential Axle: New Bearings and Seals;

·         Power Steering: New Unit;

·         Emergency Brake: New Brake;

·         Tires: 4-New Tires.


These type of repairs are better handled in the Dominican Republic with regard to quality and cost. The approximate cost is $3200 USD for all. At this point we only have in our Transportation Maintenance Budget: $1,400 USD. We’re seeking to make up the difference with additional donations for $1,800.

Pastor Francois’s truck is the only vehicle he has to service the needs of the compound: taking children to the doctor/hospital, visiting the needy of Pignon, purchasing items for the compound from far-off cities, transporting visitors around, bringing in materials needed for projects, and so much more.

Our desire is to raise enough money in the next week, by December 28 (before we leave), to repair the truck. Please consider this opportunity to help our friends, our family, in Pignon by donating to Loving Haiti today, and designate your donation for “truck repair”. Mesi in advance for your generousity!

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