Much of the success of Loving Haiti can be tied back to those of you who share a heart for the people of Haiti and want to help bring about real sustainable change. People to share ideas, fund projects, participate in trips and become monthly finance partners. For your efforts, we’d like to say “thanks!”. Building on those Loving Haiti partnerships, we are creating an official “Ambassador Program”. This program is a fun and easy way to introduce friends, co-workers, church groups, community organizations, or others that are interested in what Loving Haiti is all about. We’d love to help host an event to share information, stories, and photos of the kids, businesses, schools, and others who are part of Loving Haiti in Pignon. We’ll bring all the supplies, including t-shirts to help spread the word and spark conversations.

We have t-shirts available and getting ready to place a new order soon. So, contact Mark Bell (541-760-1573 or with your t-shirt size (onesies – XXL).

It’s our gift to you to help get this inaugural program off the ground!