Madam Francois, Pastor’s wife, just finished her Women’s Conference the week of July 25th through the 29th titled Les Amies (or Friends in Jesus). These women, in support of the vocational sewing center and community church, gathered together in celebration of life and to encourage their calling as women. Together they sang, studied, prayed, made clothing and shared stories and meals. Loving Haiti has supported this event in the past, and a special anonymous donation this year made the event extra-special!

Preparation for Back-to-School in Pignon is in full gear as Pastor Aldinn Romelus (Superintendent) and his staff are anticipating an increase in their school enrollment of 160 new students, requiring 9 new teachers and 3 new moms (as helpers for the pre-school classes). Last year enrollment was ~ 275 students. They are also working on building 6 new rooms above their existing school structure to accommodate this growth. School starts September 3rd – just a few weeks away!

If you would like to contribute to our Education Fund to support staff salaries, student tuition, uniforms, books, and materials, or contribute to our Building Fund to help complete the construction of 6 new schoolrooms, click HERE or go to our DONATE TODAY page to give your back-to-school special gift! Thank you in advance for your gift toward the education of these children.