We officially passed the summer mid-point on August 6th. Although it may not feel like it, summer officially started June 21 st and ends September 21 st. My guess is that some of you are still working on getting in that long-awaited vacation, while others may be recovering from a Chevy Chase “Wally World” one. Still, others may have opted this summer for a quieter at-home “staycation”. Wherever you are at this summer’s mid-point, and whether you find yourself half-full or half-empty, my hope is that you stay hydrated, stay protected, stay playful and stay in LOVE with HAITI.

If you’re like my wife Jill, who works for Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado, you may already be back to work after summer vacation. It’s hard to be thinking “back to school” when it’s only mid-summer, yet the hard reality for many is school will soon be back in session. I know for some parents this is indeed exciting news … the summer has been both good and exhausting, and you welcome with great joy the advent of the new school year! So please allow me some of your precious time to update you on what’s happening with LOVING HAITI before we Fall out of Summer.

First, thank you for partnering with us by generously giving of your time, talents and treasures, allowing Loving Haiti to: partner with others as we work to strengthen individuals and communities; love and serve orphans, widows and the severely malnourished; educate and vocationally train children and young adults; and equip and empower businesses and community leaders. I will never get tired of saying this … we are what we are, and we do what we do because of your GENEROSITY!

My Mid-Summer update consists of a variety of Stories from Pignon and Washington DC, to our new Ambassador program to help spread the word about Loving Haiti. Click on the headlines below to read each of these stories.

Loving Haiti Goes to DC

Benz the Builder Takes a Bride

Happenings on the Pignon Campus

New – LH Ambassador Program!

New Giving Option

Join Us in Pignon!