Because of your love for, and interest in, the people of Haiti, we want to provide you with a brief summary of current events, links to current news items, and an update from our friends in Pignon.

On February 7th violent protests broke out in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, and they have continued daily since then. The protests, centered in Port-au-Prince but also taking place throughout the country, were precipitated by soaring inflation, the inability of the government to account for billions of dollars in foreign aid, and lack of investment in Haitian infrastructure and social programs. The US State Department issued a no-travel warning for Americans 14 February. For detailed information, we include links to several news sources, below:

Miami Herald: For Haitians, a reprieve from violence and protests on Sunday, but uncertainty remains

Many Hands for Haiti posted this Pignon update

PBS NEWSHOUR: Violent protests in Haiti may mean a humanitarian crisis

Anderson Cooper Full Circle: Protests Turn Deadly in Haiti

We are in regular contact with Pastor Francois, who assures us that there is no unrest in Pignon at this time, although the community has been affected by the intermittent bank and school closures, fuel & power shortages, internet/cell services disruptions, and higher prices for food, goods & services.

Pastor’s campus, however, has kept its schools open, has its own water (well) and electrical supply (solar panels), and has access to food although the price has substantially increased over the last couple months. The increased strength of the US dollar coupled to the devalued Haitian Gourde has influenced the exchange rate: 1 USD = 82 Haitian Gourde and it’s still rising.

Thank you for praying for the Haitian people in this current crisis.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions!

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