TonyKidsMotorcycle“Life in Haiti is difficult.”  I probably heard this statement ten times while I was there, from the young men who we met with, struggling to provide for their families, or pastor Francois.  And it is true.  The increasing cost of living due to inflation and a weak Haitian currency, the lack of reliable infrastructure, or the corruption in the government which translates to the lack of justice and benefit for the average citizen.

I was reminded that we are very much a privileged people in the US, when you see the situation which the people are living in.   It’s hard to fathom life without many of the luxuries and conveniences we have, yet this is the reality for the people in Pignon.  This was a very humbling experience, and increased my desire to be generous with sharing our material possessions with those in need.

Against that backdrop though, I witnessed love and hope that left me feeling more optimistic about the future for Haitian people.  This love showed up in how orphans were cared for and nurtured as valuable, individual lives.   It showed up in care for widows in the community of Pignon, and in a choir program, and a church service.

Hope budded with the promise of a better tomorrow, as I saw microloans being restructured, and business principles and theology taught to young entrepreneurs.  Gratitude and love from young families who see a way to go forward, and who are thriving, in spite of the difficulties.

I sensed deep gratitude and love from pastor and madam, as Loving Haiti come alongside them, empowering and encouraging the ministry of church, orphanage, and school.

So, while it is true that life is hard in Haiti, I also see the Kingdom of God breaking in to bring love, community, and development, which I know will bear fruit in the decades to come.  I am very grateful to have had the experience of traveling to Pignon, to see this first hand.  I am changed as a result of my time there.

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