HaitiRiotsWell, I finally got on a trip to Haiti (August 21-28) after numerous failed attempts this year! There were enough canceled flights, missed connections, civil unrests, protests, and violence to produce the writing material for a limbic mini-drama series entitled, Flight, Fight or Freeze. And WOW!!! through all the drama, it was good to get back to the Central Plateau of Haiti, to the community of Pignon.

Because of Haiti’s current volatile state (www.apnews.com/Haiti) and what my board of directors had observed from my previous trip report (levels of frustration and situations warranting depressed states of mind), they did not want me to travel alone which is my default “M.O.” on the majority of trips that I had taken.

So I brought along a travel companion – my good friend Tony Viducich – on this compressed eight-day trip. My primary objective was to re-establish relationships and to be an encouragemenCentralHaitit to our Haitian friends as we un-pack our lives with good fruit like Love, Joy, Peace, Patience. Tony had been to Haiti before, but not on behalf of Loving Haiti nor in the township of Pignon. And although I had only known him a few years, we share much in common: He’s a great neighbor, brother in the faith, fellow Oregonian, high-tech colleague, sports a pastor’s heart, a systems thinker/doer, witty and humorous, and a lover of Haiti – to name a few! Tony’s also 6’6” and white, while I’m 5’9” and black, but we both stand out in Haiti for the same reason. That being, we share a sense of Joy in our calling to serve. Please continue to read Tony’s trip reflections!




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