A Haitian proverb reads: “Dèyè mòn, gen mòn”, or, “Beyond the mountains, more mountains”.  Such is the geography of Haiti!  The nation is 2/3 mountainous, with peaks rising more than 7000 feet from sea level.

Each fall we ask for your support in addressing the needs in Loving Haiti’s four areas of outreach.  Each of these areas is a metaphorical mountain we face:

  • Hiking to the summit of Morne Bois Pin, because of its characteristically steep slopes, should be in partnership with other climbers.  It represents the way we work alongside Haitians through our Public Charity Partnerships.
  • Not mentioned regularly in travel and hiking blogs, the summit of Morne de Cibao is perhaps a neglected destination. This lovely mountain represents our service to Marginalized People Groups.
  • The slopes of Pic de Macaya, supporting lush growth of tree ferns and orchids, is known for its biodiversity.  It represents the diversity of individuals – girls and boys, young women and men – we support through Education and Vocational training.
  • Chainen de la Salle is known for the beauty of its fragrant, tall pine forests.  This growth represents the way we promote the flourishing of men and women through Business Leadership and Development.

We can face these mountains together in several ways:  With prayer for our discernment as we make decisions regarding projects and programs and for the peace and prosperity of our Haitian friends; through  awareness regarding what we do and why we do it, that you might share who we are and what we do with those you know; through funding, that we might fulfill our financial commitments to Loving Haiti projects and programs.

Thank you, mèsi, for your support!  We appreciate you and are honored to partner with you in loving the country of Haiti!  The included insert details our goals for 2021.  Would you join us as we ascend, accomplishing new goals and achieving new heights in the year to come?  

See our Fall 2020 Brochure