Current Projects

Home for Pastor and Madame
(Depending on cost of materials at time of purchase) ALL FUNDS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FOR THIS PROJECT and the house is close to completion.
Pastor and Madame currently live in the Hospitality House which features 6 rooms. These rooms become occupied throughout the entire year. Whether it’s guests from the Unites States, visitors in Haiti, or the many attendants to the church conferences, the open rooms are often occupied. Pastor and Madam live on the bottom floor of the two story building in one of the rooms. The remaining 5 rooms are for guests/family. This past July when Loving Haiti came to visit, along with other Haitian visitors, Pastor and Madam gave up there tiny room and slept in the storage room. It would be wonderful if we could build them a small, two bedroom house next to the hospitality suite to not only give them privacy but to open up the Hospitality Suite for more guests. They already have the land ready and the house blue prints.

Solar Panels and Battery Storage
The current solar panels and batteries generate quite a lot of electricity but not enough to sustain the entire compound 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Compound Wall/Fence Project
TOTAL: $17,535
Lower Compound: $4,620
Upper Compound: $12,915

Most of us have fences for privacy or containment reasons. While privacy is certainly important for the Loving Haiti compound safety is the most important reason for the construction of this fence. With issues such as poisoning or stealing kids, stealing food or other items, it’s imperative that this compounds has a  fence.

The school, sewing center, church and orphanage are all located on the same 3-acre property.

Since the inception of Loving Haiti we have begun completing a huge, strong, sturdy fence/wall one section at a time.


 There are still 835ner feet needed to secure the entire compound. The cost runs about $21/liner foot(min. stacked 10 high) for labor and materials.

Toyota HIACE Van

The very first time we went to Haiti, 4 years ago, Pastor Francois mentioned what a blessing it would be for the compound to have a means of transportation that could carry more than a few people. Whether it’s taking kids from the Children’s Home on a field trip, to taking the church choir on a tour, to bringing big groups of kids to the doctor, there are so many ways a large vehicle could be used! Currently, the largest vehicle on the property is Pastor’s personal truck, which fits 6 people. The best, most durable van for this job has been found,  and it costs $43,000.