How long has Loving Haiti been around?
Loving Haiti  began in 2010. We became an official 501c3 private foundation in 2013 and are now a 501c3 public charity.

Who do you partner with in Haiti?
We partner with a native Haitian couple, Francois and Madame Romelus and their church in Haiti, Philadelphia Baptist Church. Francois and Madame have been selflessly serving the community they grew up in, Pignon, Haiti, since 1982.

I’d love to come visit. Do you guys do trips?
Awesome. We don’t have regularly scheduled trips for teams to visit. However, we go often we would like to chat with you about how we can help make that happen.

Do you guys live in Haiti?
No. Haiti is our “second home” and we visit as much as possible. We are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Although we don’t live in Haiti, we aim to have a representative of Loving Haiti visit monthly.

I’d like to help, how can I help?

Thanks for asking. We will gladly and always take financial donations. We are also looking for new people to join our team and use their skills. What are you good at? What do you like doing? Let us know, we’d love to discuss ways to join our team.

I want to mail some old shirts/toys/books I have, can I do that?
Thanks for the offer. Because of shipping costs we try and send as little possible via snail mail. We also want to do our best to buy from the local vendors in Haiti and support their economy. We usually only ship/bring things to Haiti that they can’t find in Haiti. Things like electronics and quality new tennis shoes. We strive to give them our best.

What language do they speak in Haiti?
Kreyol. It’s a cool mix of French and Spanish. Many Haitians also speak French.

Do you have any job openings?
Not currently. Loving Haiti relies heavily on our team of volunteers. If you have a skill-set you’d like to contribute to our team of volunteers, please contact us.

Are the kids in the children’s home available to be adopted?
No, they are not. Our goal is to improve the lives of the children so that they can thrive and become productive and contributing members to their community.

Are you affiliated with a church or political organization?
No. We are an independent organization.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, to the fullest extent allowable under the law. You will receive a statement from Loving Haiti in early January of the year following your donation.

What is your most pressing need?
Monthly financial support to care for the 55 children living in the Children’s Home.

Still have some questions? I’m sure you do. Please send them our way.
Info@LovingHaiti.org or call Abby @ 970-568-8970