We Are Really Making A Difference For These Children! (By Lynn)

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                  (Lynn’s wrap up post from her visit) I’ve written a lot about the heart-wrenching, emotionally-charged situations I’ve experienced in Pignon—now I want to share updates on positive changes that have occurred at the Children’s home and in Haiti in general.  I am SO thankful that I was able to visit again with the timoun and Pastor and Madam – the vast differences between now and when I first visited with Esther 2 years ago are amazing! […]

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Order your Loving Haiti T-Shirt!

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                                                  Get your Loving Haiti T-Shirt/Tanks now!   Due to popular demand, we’d like to offer those near and far a chance to support Loving Haiti and sport some new threads. We are going to place a new t-shirt order on April 1st, so  get your shirt/tank/kids shirts ordered now! The shirts are super comfy, stylish and of course, support a […]

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Come Learn About Loving Haiti and Celebrate Pastor and Madam in Fort Collins!

Pastor Francois and his wife Madam will be in Fort Collins next weekend(March 9th)! We are going to have a celebration to honor their amazing work in Haiti as well as an opportunity to learn about Loving Haiti and how to get involved! If you live in the Fort Collins area, please considering attending this wonderful event. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbor’s too! Please click the link below to see the Celebration flyer with all the the important details of the event: Celebrate […]

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Bebe’ Dinky – New Brother for Orphanage Children

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                  Tonton (uncle) showed up as planned yesterday with his nephew, Dilinks.  He had told us the baby was 7 months old, but his papers show he was born in April, so 10 months now.  Tonton had traveled from the other side of the island after hearing that Pastor Francois may take the baby. He said the bebe’s mother was his sister and that she had died last month. He doesn’t know who the father is.  Tonton […]

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Students From Oregon Bless Children at Orphanage!


              What a wonderful gift from Lorina Johnson’s Art Club at South Albany High School. The students asked her if she knew of anyone they could help through their art. Fortunately, Lorina is friends with LovingHaiti. The students came up with the idea of Art Bags, personalized for each child. They started by viewing the childrens’ profiles on the lovinghaiti.org website. They learned the childrens’ interests and dreams. They started with blank canvas bags and started painting. The results […]

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New Boy – New Life


                  Pastor called me over to listen. He was sitting with a young boy and old woman.   He introduced her as Madam Pigourne and asked her to tell me the story. She stood up and very dramatically, with lots of hand gestures and shouts, told this tale while Pastor interpreted:   “I am old – very old, 82 years. I hurt when I walk but I go each day to the river. This day was 12 […]

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Batem’ (Baptism)


                  All week long Pastor Francois, Madam, the workers, and the children have been painting, cleaning, sewing decorations and cooking for Batem’ day. Once a year, for the past 32 years, Pastor has hosted a baptism ceremony and party. This is a BIG DEAL in Pignon! It’s almost on par with the Easter celebration Esther, Mark and I got to experience. (See April 2012 for Easter.) and Denny’s experience (See April 2013-Easter)   Madam sewed hundreds of yards […]

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Naica and Peguy

                  I went up to hang out with the children Saturday morning but they were eating breakfast – for them it’s more like the first meal of the day—another meal later if there’s money for food. The little gasons, Gerald and Pugy, came running over but were called back to finish their meal. But I had a chance to see what they were eating, it was a single piece of plain thick bread in one hand, a […]

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Lynn is back in Haiti!

Gramma w Timoun

                  Bon jour from Lynn in Pignon, Haiti! I have been here 2 nights now and my heart and brain are jammed with things to share.  The photo above is the reason I come to Pignon.   I felt immediately at home with these beautiful timoun (children). There are many new faces – actually 16 new children since I was last here a year ago August. There are now 43. actually, as of last night, there may […]

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2013 Year in Review!

2013 was another amazing year for Loving Haiti!                                               Thank YOU for your generous hearts, support and encouragement.     As you may remember, Loving Haiti is focused on Relief, Rehabilitation and Development. 2013 was a year in which we were able to move from primarily Relief (directly providing aid) into Rehabilitation (partnering and working with the local Haitians).  We hope 2014 will be a year […]

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