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Shirts for Men, Women, Kids and Babies $15/per shirt We just got a new shipment in of high quality American Apparel tri-blend super cozy  Loving Haiti shirts. We’d like to offer those near and far a chance to support Loving Haiti and sport some new threads. The shirts are super comfy, stylish and of course, support a great cause. Baby and Kids Short Sleeve Tee Sizes                                         […]

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Widow’s House is almost Finished!


Great news!!! With the help of your donations, the donations of time and money from Pastor Francois’ church members, and the help of his friends and family,  the Widow’s house is almost finished. The home has 4 bedrooms, one living room and it will soon have a kitchen and toilet outside of the house. The Widow and 5 of her family members will be living in it. (Her grandson was at night school when the picture was taken yesterday.)         Thank you […]

November 12, 2014 by


House Fire Kills Boy

Good morning, Loving Haiti supporters. This morning we got news from Francois that one of the widows in his church lost her 3 yr old grandson in a fire that also destroyed her home.   The widow, her daughter and her three grandchildren were living in a small, wooden, home in Pignon. Last night the three children were sleeping when somehow the fire from the candle inside traveled and eventually the entire house burned down. The two older kids, (ages 4 & 6 approx) escaped […]

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My First Trip to Haiti: Part 1 by Saundie Weiss

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                                         My first trip to Haiti was in July 2014. There were things I expected to see and places I knew I would go. I knew it would be different from home. I knew that the people who live in third-world countries don’t have the same kind of days that I have. But, what I didn’t expect, and what no one can prepare you for, are […]

September 16, 2014 by


Meet Marlie


                                        We first met Marlie and her parents, Greg and Alena, a few years ago when she and Betsy started kindergarten at the same school and joined the same soccer team. Her dad, Greg, ran on our adoption half marathon team this past Spring. Both of her parents are great supporters of Loving Haiti. They’ve even talked about coming down to Haiti as a family. This […]

August 13, 2014 by


New Bunk Beds

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                        By Denny Bain Last Spring, Loving Haiti raised money to help make some important and basic upgrades in the Children’s Home that would significantly improve the quality of life for the kids.  We called the project the Orphanage Maintenance Project.  It focused on four basic areas in the Children’s home: plumbing, electrical, bedding and painting. If you’d like to read about the OMP please (click here for more info). The bedding part of the […]

July 29, 2014 by


Citadel Field Trip

By Kristyn Emmer, Hey all, from a stormy evening here in Haiti! It’s been quite a few past 48 hours, but we made it to the end of our grand Haitian adventure!  Yesterday’s day at the beach really set us up for a jazzed and ready-to-go group of kids to head to today’s escapade to the Citadel, a fort/castle built in 1806 that stands on the top of a big ole mountain. So after surviving a night in our less-than-ideal “hotel,” we packed our 15-passenger vehicle with […]

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Beach Trip!!!

By Mckenzie Osborn Today has been a day full of adventure and lots of new experiences! We got up really early (5am) to start on our trip to Cap Haitien! Pastor rented us a van for the trip and all 7 of our team, 10 of the older orphan kiddos, Darling, a local Haitian that speaks very good English and partners with Loving Haiti for business, and the driver hopped into an eighteen-passenger van to head on a 3 hour trip! It was a VERY […]

July 24, 2014 by


Feeding Clinic

Feeding Clinic at Jennifer’s By Saundie Weiss This morning we went back to Bill and Jennifer’s to help her with the weekly feeding clinic. Every Wednesday, she offers a clinic for families who need food to feed their families. An American woman who lives here, Amber, and a pastor in Pignon help Jennifer. They know these families and their situations so they can easily understand each of their needs. Today, we helped hand out formula for the babies; next week will be food for malnourished children. […]

July 23, 2014 by


Movie, Beauty Salon, Sunday Church, VBS

By Kristyn Emmer Welcome to hot, humid, and fun-filled Haiti! It’s been a couple days since the last update on what’s happening here, so let me try to get you up to date. As you can imagine, it’s been unexpectedly busy for Haiti time as we were anticipating this week’s events. Before I get into those, I’m going to back it up a couple days to Saturday night. On Saturday night, the big screen came to Pignon! Before it got dark, we all set up […]

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