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By Kristyn Emmer Welcome to hot, humid, and fun-filled Haiti! It’s been a couple days since the last update on what’s happening here, so let me try to get you up to date. As you can imagine, it’s been unexpectedly busy for Haiti time as we were anticipating this week’s events. Before I get into those, I’m going to back it up a couple days to Saturday night. On Saturday night, the big screen came to Pignon! Before it got dark, we all set up […]

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Pressing Need!

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                          As you may have previously heard, I(Denny) along with 6 awesome people from Fort Collins arrived in Haiti a few days ago.  One common thing you hear from Haitians or you find out if you visit, is that life in Haiti is hard.  Actually, hard would be a massive understatement.  Every. single. task. is more difficult in Haiti. Here is one simple example from last night’s “Movie Night” we tried to put […]

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Everything is Different

By Saundie Weiss, So the first couple days here have been an experience. It’s a very simple world to describe everything we are digesting. Everything is different. I expected it to all be different and in some ways I can anticipate and prepare for it, but what I cannot prepare for is the emotions that come, or in some cases don’t come.   Haiti is a beautiful country. It’s an island with mountains, green trees, and colorful plants, like hibiscus and other red flowering trees. […]

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Team FC Day #2

By McKenzie Osborn-   Today, our first full day in Haiti has been so incredible and it has been so fun getting to know the kids better and getting to experience more of the Haitian culture. Early this morning we got up and Pastor Francois drove us to Hinche – the closest large town – to get building supplies for the bunk beds for the orphanage. The drive was approximately an hour over completely unpaved roads with many, many bumps and many, many potholes – […]

July 18, 2014 by


Team Fort Collins: Day #1

Written by Kristyn Emmer We made it! After 17 hours of travel and nearly no hiccups, we arrived safely in Pignon.  Our adventures started in Colorado, where most of our team caravanned from Fort Collins to the airport.  Stops in Miami and Port-au-Prince were made before taking a small MAF flight to Pignon. Just to give you a little reference and a picture of who’s on our team, there’s Denny (the highly experienced Haiti traveler), Grant (our handyman), Saundie, Chelsie, Amber, McKenzie, and me (Kristyn), […]

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Saturday Market

Saturday is/was a busy, busy day for Pastor. Workmen were here at 7 prune plants and help replant the prunings up near the orphanage, which meant more coffee and food needed as Pastor likes to feed his laborers. The widows started arriving at 8 a.m., sitting outside until we met with them at 9:30. The teachers were here for a meeting with Pastor as well. After Mark and I left for the market, 7 more people came, needing help in a variety of areas. Right before lunch, I let a man […]

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2 more market trips!

Hey Soul? Today, Smile & Enjoy! You only have [one last] Friday! Seize moments today: laugh with somebody, pause & watch the sky, tell one person she is beautiful, run across grass & feel your heart beat, find a way to ‪#‎betheGIFT‬ to someone, say the words out loud: I love you. “Make the most of every chance you get.” Eph.5:15 MSG This FB post from One Thousand Gifts resonates deeply today, our last Friday here with these beautiful people. Pastor told us a few minutes ago at lunch, “I […]

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Two Mommies Say Goodbye/Musings/Market Trip

Monday: This morning, Pastor Francois left with 3 little girls and Som (the resident mechanic of the kids–he often accompanies Pastor on longer trips to help fix the car if something happens) to go to Cap Haitien. His wife is flying to Cap tomorrow from Florida, so Pastor is combining his trip to pick her up with a trip to the doctor for the 3 girls. Many of the children here have “boutons”, boil-type sores on their bodies, and we wanted to get the girls checked out, tested, […]

July 10, 2014 by


Widows + Young Men

There is much beauty here in Pignon, especially at the Loving Haiti compound. Here is some of the foliage that Pastor is growing on his grounds; he loves plants and flowers, and he adds to them as he is able. It’s great for the kids to see the beauty of nature around them. And this is our view at the end our balcony–an incredibly gorgeous tree in full bloom. And, of course, the kids are the real beauties–here are Michelda and Naika, and Som helping Naika […]

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4th of July

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We woke up to kids working hard at 7 a.m. Jerry and a few other boys continued to help the masons who are laying some cement for Pastor, girls were sweeping the dirt path clear of debris while others helped prepare food, and still others were getting ready for the washer women to come. The kids understand that we are taking some of them to the market each day. They are all clamoring to go, and we are trying to convince them that they will all get a chance […]

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